2pac – Better Dayz – Tie My Hands: Dossolini Remix

This is my personal remix of the late 2pac’s Better Dayz track, with Lil’ Wayne’s Tie My Hands beats and chorus (but no Lil’ Wayne, since I don’t really like his style).

2pac – Better Dayz, Tie My Hands: Dossolini Remix

Starry Night

by Tupac Amaru Shakur . 1971~1996
[ in memory of Vincent Van Gogh ]

A creative heart, obsessed with satisfying
this dormant and uncaring society.

You have given them the stars at night
and you have given them bountiful bouquet of Sunflowers.
But for you there is only contempt.

And though you pour yourself into that fame
and present it so proudly, this world could not accept your masterpieces…
from the heart.

So on that starry night you gave to us
and you took away from us.

The one thing we never acknowledged…
your life.