General Introduction…

My name is DoYoon Kim (김도윤), and I’m a Korean Canadian living in the Greater Toronto Area…  My name “DoYoon” is actually in Chinese.  The two characters “Do” and “Yoon” in combination translates to something like “In richness of all”.  Unfortunately that doesn’t seem quite fitting monetarily at the moment, but hopefully in the future?  In terms of everything else in life though, I feel quite blessed to be where I am, surrounded by friends and family members that I love.  In that sense, I’m a wealthy man.

I’m a graphic designer and a small business owner.  So if you require any print/web design and development services, please visit us at

Depiction of my life through photography…

As I’m a very visual person, I wanted to share with you everything about my life using photography, whether they’re taken by me or whether they’re part of a post that I found on the internet.

Some of my photos are taken with Canon DSLR 550D, and some are taken with the built-in camera on iPhone 4.  All the Street Photography shots are of course taken with my iPhone, since trying to be discrete with a massive SLR is quite a difficult task… unless you’re a photo shooting ninja!  or of course, unless you have a massive zoom lens, which I can’t afford right now. If you find yourself on my Street Photography section, and you’re offended in some way, I apologize in advance.  In any case, please feel free to contact me and I’ll be glad to take the photo off from the site.

Some of the photos (mainly my SLR Photography) are unprocessed, while some photos have been processed… mostly using my iPhone Apps. I can’t believe how amazing some of these Apps are, which usually only cost $1-$5.  It’s a great world we’re living in!

News and posts about different Architectural, Industrial, Interior and Automotive Designs are just a collection of what I found on the internet that I find interesting or simply cool.

My selection of movies are what I recommend outside of the mainstream films.  I enjoy all sorts of movies, so of course I watch all the blockbuster movies as well.  However, I also enjoy different genre of movies from all around the globe.  The ratings I give are from my personal point of view, so if you have a similar viewpoint or interest as I do, then my rating should be pretty accurate for you as well.

I used to be on Windows and hated everything Apple had to offer.  However, now I’m a Mac and Apple junkie.  I also really love Linux Ubuntu and Mint.  It’s amazing how open-source free OS can have so many great features, and run so securely and smoothly. Respect to the developers!