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Write-Enable NTFS External Drives on Mac OSX

If you were experiencing issues while trying to copy files into your NTFS formatted External Drives from your Mac, you can install either of the following two popular software to do that.  They’re both Mac OSX Lion 10.7 compatible:

1) Paragon NTFS for Mac [ site ]
2) Tuxera NTFS for Mac [ site ]

There’s a Terminal Hack to enable individual drives so that you can copy files into NTFS, however, I found that sometimes it’s a hit and miss.  And having to restart your machine each time to see if the hack worked is a real pain in the ass.

Some of you might wonder why you’d even need an NTFS external drive…  two simple answers which I personally experienced are:

1) You are switching from Windows to Mac, hence all the external drives are already NTFS formatted.  And unfortunately, you do not have enough space elsewhere to backup all the data so that you can reformat the drive in FAT format.
2) You need to copy files that are greater than 4GB in size.  FAT format only allows you to save individual files that are less than or equal to 4GB.  So, you’d either need to manually split these files (which can be quite a hassle) or you’re simply forced to leave the large files in your local Mac HD.

City of Life and Death – Nanjing! Nanjing!

China . Hong Kong – Drama . War . History – 2009
Directed by Chuan Lu
♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ -  This movie is a dramatization of the unforgettable horrifying historic event that occurred in 1937 when Nanjing was taken under siege by the Imperial Japanese Army.  Most people will know or at least have heard of the Nanjing Massacre.  Having said that, one would expect this movie to be  heavily skewed to make Japan look as evil as possible, since the hearts of Chinese people still feel pain as the Japanese government has yet apologize for it.  However, even though the director is Chinese, the story seemed to be told as how the event would have occurred and it lets the viewers have their own feelings about it.  Although there are lot of brutal historical facts that occurred at Nanjing and hence could have been shown more throughout the movie, I don’t think the director used them because the tragedy of the event is still well delivered to move the hearts of many… [ imdb ]

City of Life and Death – Movie trailer

Splinter Handmade Wooden Car

“The Splinter Hand-Made Wooden Car is built with an emphasis on wood as material, where every part that could be made from wood was made from wood.  The body itself is built from a tight wooden weave that looks like a brown carbon fiber.  Much of the frame and interior are made of wood, as well as many other components that might surprise you.  The Splinter Sports Car is the brain child of builder Joe Harmon, who has crafted this car by hand into a progressively-designed street beast that we’d love to see on the road.”
[ source: ]


Chandelier inside our room at Maison MK in Morocco.

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