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Black and white Street Photography of a woman at a grocery store.

Clock Tower

Taken in Montreal during our trip to visit friends.  We were too lazy to climb the steps to see the view from the top, but at least we got to see the top from the bottom!

Happy Couple

This was taken while sitting in front of my friend’s condo in Montreal.

Iron Gate

We walked passed this gate while taking a stroll in Madrid during our honeymoon.
May 2010.


Taken in Montreal while taking in the scenery and enjoying the weather.

All Smiles

In Montreal while riding a tandem bike with friends.  I guess I wasn’t pedaling at this moment!


Taken while waiting in line to get into a Japanese Restaurant in Montreal.


Although we didn’t go inside, this was taken in front of Prado Museum in Madrid during our honeymoon.
May 2010.

Bamboo Forest

Walking through the forest with wife and my mom.


Taken while driving back home from my sister’s condo on Queen St. Toronto.

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