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Bella Figura

Bella Figura . Bugnotti Coupe . Delahaye USA
Inspired by the classic Bugatti 1937 Type 57S.

Whaleton Piano by Robert Majkut

Truly a breakthrough in the world of design, while melting away the shell of traditional Grand Piano designs. With its elegant yet modern sculpturesque body, it produces the highest quality sound one would expect a classical grand piano would reverberate.

Twisted Wooden Chair

Sara Rowghani’s wooden chair, with a smooth rear-view.


Bench by Matthias Pliessnig.  His entire line of “bench/seating” design is simply amazing! [ site ]

Feel the Yarn Competition 2011 Winner

My sister-in-law, Soojin Kang, won this year’s Feel the Yarn Competition in July, which was held in Tuscany, Italy. These are the three dresses she had designed and knitted to win the competition.

[ website: ]


Chair from the Ascension line of furniture, by Aeron Tozier.  Using Carbon Fiber for the material.

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