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UFO Table from Inmod

UFO Table from Inmod.  Body is made of lacquered fiberglass and it has a glass top.
[ source: Inmod ]

Splinter Handmade Wooden Car

“The Splinter Hand-Made Wooden Car is built with an emphasis on wood as material, where every part that could be made from wood was made from wood.  The body itself is built from a tight wooden weave that looks like a brown carbon fiber.  Much of the frame and interior are made of wood, as well as many other components that might surprise you.  The Splinter Sports Car is the brain child of builder Joe Harmon, who has crafted this car by hand into a progressively-designed street beast that we’d love to see on the road.”
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Leica i9 for iPhone – Concept

I’m not sure how well this will do in the market, especially since iPhone models keep changing and it will cost a lot to get a new Leica to replace the old one, but it’s still a very cool concept.  Perhaps some sort of cheaper accessory of this sort will be put to production.
[ source: BlackDA ]

1000 Acres Vodka Packaging by Arnell Group

I don’t know how the vodka is but I’d definitely buy one just for the bottle.
[ source: Daily Icon ]

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