2009 Dodge Challenger Vapor by Galpin Auto Sports

The US Air Force has teamed up with Galpin Auto Sports and built the stealth-looking Dodge Challenger Vapor – part muscle car, part fighter jet – all military strategy.

The designers fitted the body of the car with jet enhancements that would even make Batman look twice.  Special radar-blocking black paint covers the car, while a stealth exhaust allows it to run virtually silent. A roof-mounted camera detects any type of movement within a quarter mile. Biometric verification via the driver’s thumbprint gives access to the vehicle through gull wing doors… The Cool Hunter
[ photos by: J Julius ]

Splinter Handmade Wooden Car

“The Splinter Hand-Made Wooden Car is built with an emphasis on wood as material, where every part that could be made from wood was made from wood.  The body itself is built from a tight wooden weave that looks like a brown carbon fiber.  Much of the frame and interior are made of wood, as well as many other components that might surprise you.  The Splinter Sports Car is the brain child of builder Joe Harmon, who has crafted this car by hand into a progressively-designed street beast that we’d love to see on the road.”
[ source: www.thecoolist.com ]

Bella Figura

Bella Figura . Bugnotti Coupe . Delahaye USA
Inspired by the classic Bugatti 1937 Type 57S.

Nissan 1000 Pound Competition 2010

My childhood friend Randy Rodriguez works at Nissan San Diego, and he was the main auto designer who was in charge for this competition.  FYI, he designed the 2011 370Z Fairlady.  Just checkout the video!

Nissan 370Z Fairlady

This was the original concept of the 2011 Nissan 370Z Fairlady, designed by my childhood friend Randy Rodriguez.  You can see where the final design came from.

Icon A5 Folding Plane

My friend Randy Rodriguez designed this plane a few years back.