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Reindeer Observatory by Snohetta

This 90 square metre reindeer observatory is located at Hjerkinn in Norway. Its simple linear external structure is filled with curves formed by natural wood, which also functions as seats for the observers who can sit and look at wild reindeer.

[ source: ArchDaily ]

2LMX Watch by Arnaud Tellier

The former curator of the Patek Philippe museum in Geneva for 11 years, has launched a new brand 2LMX and the new line of luxury watches are just stunning!

Modern Ivy-covered Forest House in Hungary

Modern Ivy-covered Forest House in Svab Hills, Hungary… designed by architect Satoshi Okada.
The house looks so cool with the old ivy partially covering it, but the photographer did an excellent job capturing the feel of the atmosphere!!

[ source: ]
[ photographer: Tomasz Gudzowatyon ]

Cozy Bonfire Lighting

Rechargeable light “logs” that resemble a bonfire which we all have fond memories of from camping trips.  This was designed by a group of Korean designers: Eun Ah Kim, Moon Seon Hwoi & Kwang Ku Jeong.
[ source: Yanko Design ]

2009 Dodge Challenger Vapor by Galpin Auto Sports

The US Air Force has teamed up with Galpin Auto Sports and built the stealth-looking Dodge Challenger Vapor – part muscle car, part fighter jet – all military strategy.

The designers fitted the body of the car with jet enhancements that would even make Batman look twice.  Special radar-blocking black paint covers the car, while a stealth exhaust allows it to run virtually silent. A roof-mounted camera detects any type of movement within a quarter mile. Biometric verification via the driver’s thumbprint gives access to the vehicle through gull wing doors… The Cool Hunter
[ photos by: J Julius ]

KAÁ Restaurant

KAÁ Restaurant in Sao Paulo, Brazil, by Arthur de Mattos Casas of Studio Arthur Casas Architecture and Design.
[ copyright: Leonardo Finotti ]

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