Write-Enable NTFS External Drives on Mac OSX

Posted on 08/08/2011

If you were experiencing issues while trying to copy files into your NTFS formatted External Drives from your Mac, you can install either of the following two popular software to do that.  They’re both Mac OSX Lion 10.7 compatible:

1) Paragon NTFS for Mac [ site ]
2) Tuxera NTFS for Mac [ site ]

There’s a Terminal Hack to enable individual drives so that you can copy files into NTFS, however, I found that sometimes it’s a hit and miss.  And having to restart your machine each time to see if the hack worked is a real pain in the ass.

Some of you might wonder why you’d even need an NTFS external drive…  two simple answers which I personally experienced are:

1) You are switching from Windows to Mac, hence all the external drives are already NTFS formatted.  And unfortunately, you do not have enough space elsewhere to backup all the data so that you can reformat the drive in FAT format.
2) You need to copy files that are greater than 4GB in size.  FAT format only allows you to save individual files that are less than or equal to 4GB.  So, you’d either need to manually split these files (which can be quite a hassle) or you’re simply forced to leave the large files in your local Mac HD.

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